Successes at the Statehouse: Just the Beginning


SUCCESS! On September 28, Darryl W. Perry, President of New Hampshire Libertas, spoke to the NH Commission to Study Cryptocurrency Regulation (video available here). That Commission met again on October 6 and Rep. Barbara Biggie indicated that she would introduce legislation to repeal the law giving the NH Banking Commission authority to regulate “Convertible virtual currency” (HB666). The Chair of the Commission, Rep. John Hunt, even said “when we passed this in [HB]666, I did not fully understand what we were doing.” Adding “if I had known [then] what I know today… I’m not sure I would have passed it.”
This highlights just one reason having a pro-liberty lobbyist is beneficial: to educate legislators on what they’re about to do, or – in this case – what they have already done.

Also on October 6, the Election Law Committee had an Executive Session on HB393, relative to model legislation. During the Public Hearing in February 2015, Darryl was one of the few people to speak on the bill and brought up several problems with the way the bill would have been implemented if adopted. The Prime Sponsor of the bill later indicated she wanted to completely rewrite the bill, however she became ill and passed away before writing the amendment. The Committee opted to advise no further action on this bill.
This highlights another reason having a pro-liberty lobbyist is beneficial: to inform legislators of problems they may not realize exist in their legislation.

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