Seeking 18 people: Will you join us?


We are looking for 18 people over the next 4 days to help us reach our monthly goal.

When we announced the creation of the Founders Committee, we were at 22.80% of our monthly goal of $416.67. We are currently sitting at 55.92% of our monthly goal of $416.67, and have 27 members of the Founder Committee. If 18 more people step forward with monthly contributions of $10, we will reach our goal! If you’re unable to contribute, please consider sharing this message with your friends and family who want a world set free in our lifetime!

And don’t forget, all monthly donors and all one-time donors who contribute at least $50 before October 31 will become members of the Founders Committee.

Founders Committee members will be listed in order of their contributions, monthly pledges will be “annualized” for ranking purposes.

I would be remiss if I did not thank those who have already joined the Founders Committee:

Jacob M. Rossman • Joe Perry • Timothy Conard • Rodger Paxton • Larry Sharpe • Derrick Slopey • David R Jeffries • David Demerest • Brian Styczynski • Jonathan Patschke • Jarrett Tilford • Mark Edgington • Lorenzo Gaztanaga • Lisa McGunnigle • Jacob Mast • Mitch Rushing • Anthony Migchelbrink • Forrest Osterman • Drew Davis • Ian Freeman • Michael Williammee • Ernest Hancock • Brian McQuade • Greg Faust • Nicole Jordan • Dayl Thomas • Virginia Brengelman

Please consider starting or increasing a monthly pledge via PayPal or Bitcoin.

OR –

Please demonstrate your confidence in our efforts by investing the largest one-time contribution via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Dash that will make you feel good. Remember, your one-time contribution of $50 or more will be memorialized on the Founders Committee roster.