New Hampshire Libertas now accepts Dash


When New Hampshire Libertas launched in June, it was one of the first lobbying forms to accept cryptocurrencies. In addition to direct Bitcoin payments, people have been able to contribute to New Hampshire Libertas with Dogecoin, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Monero, and 20+ other cryptocurrencies using Shapeshift integration. Contributions are now being accepted in Dash, without the need to use Shapeshift. Unlike Bitcoin which can take several minutes to confirm a transaction, Dash works like a decentralized digital cash with payments being confirmed in less than 4 seconds. You can read more about Dash here.

And don’t forget, all monthly donors and all one-time donors who contribute at least $50 before October 31 will become members of the Founders Committee. When we announced the creation of the Founders Committee, we were at 22.80% of our monthly goal of $416.67. We are currently sitting at 55.92% of our monthly goal of $416.67, and have 27 members of the Founder Committee. If 18 more people step forward with monthly contributions of $10, we will reach our goal!

Founders Committee members will be listed in order of their contributions, monthly pledges will be “annualized” for ranking purposes.

I would be remiss if I did not thank those who have already joined the Founders Committee

Jacob M. Rossman • Joe Perry • Timothy Conard • Rodger Paxton • Larry Sharpe • Derrick Slopey • David R Jeffries • David Demerest • Brian Styczynski • Jonathan Patschke • Jarrett Tilford • Mark Edgington • Lorenzo Gaztanaga • Jacob Mast • Mitch Rushing • Anthony Migchelbrink • Forrest Osterman • Drew Davis • Ian Freeman • Michael Williammee • Ernest Hancock • Brian McQuade • Greg Faust • Nicole Jordan • Dayl Thomas • Virginia Brengelman

Please consider starting or increasing a monthly pledge via PayPal or Bitcoin.

OR –

Please demonstrate your confidence in our efforts by investing the largest one-time contribution via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Dash that will make you feel good. Remember, your one-time contribution of $50 or more will be memorialized on the Founders Committee roster.