Announcing the Founders Committee


New Hampshire Libertas, based in Keene, NH, engages in a variety of ethical activities to influence and encourage the New Hampshire Legislature to adopt a pro-liberty stance when crafting, and voting, on legislation.

As a a crowd-funded lobbyist effort, New Hampshire Libertas has a modest goal to acquire a mere $5,000 per year in contributions from people like you, who want more liberty, to help pay for travel and administrative expenses. Since opening its doors in June, New Hampshire Libertas has received just over $600 in much appreciated one-time contributions, however our goal relies on getting more recurring contributions. This will helps us by allowing us to focus on lobbying instead of fundraising. By reducing the yearly goal ($5,000) to a monthly goal ($416.67), we are able to set more reachable goals, and our current recurring donors put us at 22.80% of that monthly goal. To reward our early contributors and encourage others to become monthly contributors, we are creating the New Hampshire Libertas Founders Committee.

All monthly donors and all one-time donors who contribute at least $50 will become members of the Founders Committee. If you’ve not yet pledged or contributed don’t worry: everyone who contributes before October 31, 2016, at the above listed levels will become members of the New Hampshire Libertas Founders Committee, this includes everyone who has donated to date.

Founders Committee members will be listed in order of their contributions, monthly pledges will be "annualized" for ranking purposes.

Please consider starting or increasing a monthly pledge via paypal or bitcoin.
– OR –
Please demonstrate your confidence in our efforts by investing the largest one-time contribution that will make you feel good. Remember, your contribution will be memorialized on the Founders Committee roster, and everyone who has contributed to date will be included on the Founders Committee roster.