2018 Legislation Tracker

New Hampshire Libertas is tracking the committee recommendations and House/Senate actions of bills we have targeted and on which we have provided testimony.

Bill #TitleCommittee Vote /
Floor Action
Floor dateRTC
CACR10Relating to sessions of the legislature. Providing that there be no secret sessions of the legislature.ITL’d via Voice Vote02/08OTP
CACR11Relating to elections. Providing that a majority of selectmen shall be present at certain polling places.ITL’d via Division Vote (256-76)03/22OTP
SB364Establishing a commission to study the establishment of a searchable database to verify that each vote was properly recorded.ITL’d via Voice Vote02/15ITL (as written)
SB362Requiring disclosure of federal income tax returns by presidential and vice-presidential candidates.ITL’d via Roll Call (14-10)02/15ITL
HB249Relative to showing a ballot.Tabled via Roll Call (202-150)01/03OTP
HB403Relative to domicile affidavits.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
HB404Relative to eligibility to vote, voter registration forms, and absentee ballot requests.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
HB459Relative to challenged voter affidavits.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
HB465Relative to domicile for the purposes of voting or holding elective office.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
HB477Relative to free speech on campuses in the university system and the community college system.Tabled via Voice Vote01/03OTP
HB533Relative to political advocacy organizations.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
HB616Relative to persons executing election affidavits. Requiring persons executing election affidavits to provide proof of qualifications within 10 days of the election.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
HB651Relative to wrongful voting and penalties for voter fraud.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
SB33Relative to the definition of political advocacy organization.Tabled via Roll Call (162-155)02/15ITL
Signed by Governor Sununu on 02/08/2018
Preventing childhood lead poisoning from paint and water and making an appropriation to a special fund.OTP’d (with Amendment) via Roll Call (266-87)   Senate Concurs with the House Amendment via Roll Call (18-6) 01/03
SB88Authorizing wine manufacturer retail outlets.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03OTP
SB106Relative to eligibility to vote.ITL’d via Voice Vote01/03ITL
HB560Relative to establishing keno.Referred to Interim Study via Voice Vote01/03OTP
Signed by Governor Sununu 05/15/2018
Establishing a committee to study the feasibility of using hemp in agricultural and industrial processes and to further study the licensing, registration, and permitting of industrial hemp growers.OTP’d (with Amendment) via Voice Vote   House Concurs with Senate Amendment 01/03
Signed by Governor Sununu 06/08/2018
Relative to parties on certain election forms and ballots and Relative to the voter registration form used on the day of the general election.OTP’d (with Amendment) via Voice Vote   House Concurs with Senate Amendment via Voice Vote 01/03
HB372Relative to construction of the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency.”OTP’d (with Amendment) via Roll Call (14-9)   House Non-Concurs with Senate Amendment and Requests Committee of Conference via Voice Vote
Conference Committee Report; Not Signed Off
HB1239Relative to nomination of political organizations.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06OTP
HB1448Relative to the definition of “party” for election purposes.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06OTP
HB1479Relative to the nomination of political candidates.Tabled via Division Vote (294-26)03/22OTP
HB1666Relative to redistricting.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06ITL (as written)
HB1713Relative to the transfer of digital copies of voter checklists to qualified political organizations and candidates.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06OTP
HB1770Relative to verification of checklists.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06ITL
HB1773Relative to campaign contributions and expenditures.ITL’d via Roll Call (214-135)02/08ITL
SB438Relative to the postponement of local elections.OTP’d (with Amendment) via Voice Vote (Amendment adopted on Roll Call (15-9))   OTP’d (with Amendment) via Voice Vote (Amendment adopted via Roll Call (178-158)) Senate Non-Concurs with the House Amendment and Requests Committee of Conference via Voice Vote Conference Committee Report 2059c: Failed, Via Roll Call (118-225) 03/08
ITL (as written)
HB1568Allowing voters to register as members of political organizations.Tabled via Voice Vote03/22OTP
HB1540Relative to ranked-choice voting.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06No Position
HB1240Allowing voters to vote for multiple candidates for an office.ITL’d via Roll Call (281-44)03/22OTP
HB1510Relative to voters using out-of-state drivers’ licenses as identification.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06ITL
Signed by Governor Sununu on 07/13/2018
Relative to construction of the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency.”OTP’d via Roll Call (171-144)   OTP’d with Amendment via Roll Call (14-10) House Concurs with Senate Amendment via Roll Call (182-156) 03/06
HB1543Relative to domicile of students for voting purposes.Tabled via Voice Vote03/22ITL
HB1772Permitting online voting registration.ITL’d via Roll Call (179-128)03/15OTP
CACR17Relating to initiative and referendum powers. Providing that initiative and referendum powers shall be reserved to the people of the state.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06OTP
CACR18Relating to recall elections. Providing that the general court may authorize recall elections.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06OTP
HB1433Requiring disclosure of federal income tax returns by presidential and vice-presidential candidates.ITL’d via Voice Vote03/06ITL
HB287Establishing a committee to study issues related to changing prostitution laws in New Hampshire.ITL’d via Roll Call (21-3)03/15OTP
SB593Relative to the penalty for capital murder.OTP’d via Roll Call (14-10)   OTP’d via Roll Call (223-116)
Vetoed by Governor
Senate failed to override the Veto via Roll Call (14-10)
SB555Establishing a citizens’ right-to-know appeals commission and a right-to-know law ombudsman and making an appropriation therefor.OTP’d (with Amendment) via Voice Vote
Referred to Finance Committee   ITL’d via Roll Call (212-103)
Signed by Governor Sununu on 05/25/2018
Prohibiting political expenditures by foreign nationals.OTP’d via Voice Vote04/19ITL (as written)
Signed by Governor Sununu 06/12/2018
Relative to information to be included in the minutes under the right-to-know law.OTP’d with Amendment via Voice Vote05/02OTP

RTC = Recommendation To Committee
ITL = Inexpedient to Legislate (kill)
OTP = Ought to Pass (pass)
OTP/A = Ought to Pass as Amended (pass)