Legislation Tracker

New Hampshire Libertas is tracking the committee recommendations and House/Senate actions of bills we have targeted and on which we have provided testimony.
Bill #
Committee Vote /
Floor Action
Floor date
HB106 Relative to the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency. OTP OTP’d via Roll Call (213-154)

OTP’d via Roll Call (14-10)

Vetoed by Governor Sununu


CACR5 Relating to the right to vote. Providing that 17 year olds who will be eligible to vote in the general election be permitted to vote on that election’s primary election. OTP Tabled via Voice Vote 03/07
HB242 Relative to special elections. OTP ITL’d via Voice Vote 02/14
HB374 Prohibiting certain state officers from forming political action committees. ITL ITL’d via Roll Call (236-139) 02/14
HB408 Relative to postponement of town meetings and local elections. OTP Retain n/a
HB202 Relative to requirements for presidential primary candidates. ITL (Written Testimony) ITL’d via Roll Call (291-72) 03/07
HB440 Relative to disclosure of federal tax information as a condition of eligibility for federal office. ITL (Written Testimony) ITL’d via Voice Vote 02/27
CACR9 Relating to redistricting. Providing that an independent redistricting commission shall be established to draw boundaries for state and federal offices. ITL (as written) (Written Testimony) Retain n/a
Effective 05/30/2019
Relative to the penalty for capital murder. OTP (Written Testimony) OTP’d via Roll Call (279-88)

OTP’d via Roll Call (17-6)

Vetoed by Governor Sununu

Veto Overridden in House (247-123)

Veto Overridden in Senate (16-8)




SB8 Establishing an independent redistricting commission. ITL (as written) OTP’d with Amendment via Roll Call (14-10)

Retained in Committee
SB71 Relative to the election of delegates to party conventions. OTP OTP’d via Roll Call (14-10)

Retained in Committee
SB158 Relative to town and city membership in a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization and prohibiting recipients of municipal or county funds from using such funds for lobbying. OTP Rereferred to Committee n/a
SB67 Relative to the definitions of resident and residency. OTP OTP with Amendment via Roll Call (14-10)

OTP’d via Roll Call (215-138)

Vetoed by Governor Sununu



RTC = Recommendation To Committee
ITL = Inexpedient to Legislate (kill)
OTP = Ought to Pass (pass)
OTP/A = Ought to Pass as Amended (pass)