What are Lobbyists?
Lobbyists have earned a bad reputation, but why? It’s because they are effective at what they do. By being present and working on behalf of their organization, they are able to influence – for good or ill – members of the legislature. Many New Hampshirites view lobbyists as devious individuals, but that’s because they don’t feel the lobbyists that are holding court are representing their interests. It’s time the liberty-loving people of New Hampshire enlisted the assistance of a liberty-minded organization to lobby the legislature on their behalf. That organization is New Hampshire Libertas.

About New Hampshire Libertas
New Hampshire Libertas is a not-for-hire public-interest lobbyist firm that serves the people through liberty-oriented advocacy and action. The brainchild of 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Darryl W. Perry, New Hampshire Libertas engages in a variety of ethical activities to influence and encourage the New Hampshire Legislature to adopt a pro-liberty stance when crafting, and voting, on legislation. From building interpersonal relationships with Legislators to testifying in legislative hearings, New Hampshire Libertas works tirelessly to represent the interests of the free people of New Hampshire by ensuring the flame of liberty never extinguishes.

Why We Need Your Help
Historically, advocates for liberty have been poorly represented on most issues in legislative hearings, because lobbyists generally represent special interests with big money. Having a lobbyist working in your interests by weighing in on legislation and influencing members of the legislature is of the utmost importance. Now you can have a lobbyist who will represent you and your support for individual rights, minimal government and maximum freedom! As greater liberty benefits us all, contributing to New Hampshire Libertas will help ensure we can afford to be an invaluable presence on the legislative floor, fighting for us.

Contribute Today!
Our goal is to acquire a mere $5,000 per year in contributions from people like you to help pay for travel and administrative expenses. Whether you choose to make a one-time contribution of $50 or $25 via PayPal, Bitcoin, Dash or other cryptocurrencies; or set up a recurring monthly payment of $10 or $5 via PayPal. Your contribution helps bring us that much closer to achieving our goals and ensuring liberty in our lifetime.