2019 Session Recap


The 2019 Session has come to a close, however there will likely be a Special Session called for the Legislature to vote on bills that have been vetoed. Due to a primary career change earlier in the year, President, Darryl W. Perry was unable to provide the level of lobbying that has been delivered in previous years. New Hampshire Libertas was able to provide written testimony in support of pro-freedom legislation and against anti-freedom legislation during the final months of the Session.

After passing both chambers of the General Court, HB455 “Relative to the penalty for capital murder” was vetoed by Governor Chris Sununu. However the Veto was overridden by a House vote of 247-123, and Senate vote of 16-8. The bill took effect immediately, meaning that on May 30 NH became the 21st state to abolish capital punishment in the US.

Several other Bills that were supported by New Hampshire Libertas were retained in either the House or Senate Election Law Committee. HB106 and SB67 both of which relate to the definitions of resident and residency, have cleared the House and Senate along party-line votes. The Governor is expected to Veto both bills.

You can see the full list of bills that New Hampshire Libertas is tracking here.

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Darryl W. Perry
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The mission of New Hampshire Libertas is to advocate for minimal government and maximum human freedom by weighing all legislation against the litmus of our principles and responding accordingly by testifying in legislative hearings, holding court with individual legislators, and crafting liberty-minded legislation.

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