2017 Session: Week 8


After the Winter Break (during the last week of February), the Legislature was back in action for another week, and New Hampshire Libertas was, once again, at the statehouse and Legislative Office Building (LOB) testifying for pro-freedom legislation and against anti-freedom legislation. New Hampshire Libertas also issued the first Legislative Voting Recommendation sheet that was emailed to every member of the House with a published emailed address.

On Tuesday (Mar 7), President Darryl W. Perry testified on:

HB103 Relative to school district policies regarding objectionable course material. support
SB3 and Amendment Relative to domicile for voting purposes. oppose
HB161 Relative to beverage sales at farmers’ markets. oppose (bill was sent to a second committee for further action)

The House was in session on both Wednesday and Thursday (March 8 & 9), and the Senate was in session on Thursday (March 9). The following 23 bills that we are tracking and have testified on were before one of the bodies.

Bill #
Committee Vote /
Floor Action
Floor date
HB495 Relative to amendments to warrant articles. ITL’d via Voice Vote 03/08 OTP
CACR4 Relating to the attorney general. Providing that the attorney general shall be elected every 2 years. ITL’d via Voice Vote 03/08 OTP
HB110 Requiring members of the press corps covering the proceedings of the general court to wear a name tag. ITL’d via Voice Vote 03/08 ITL
HB140 Relative to sales and samples provided by wine manufacturers. OTP’d with Amendment via Voice Vote 03/08 OTP
HB232 Relative to reporting of a legislator’s personal interest in legislation. ITL’d via Voice Vote 03/08 ITL
HB309 Relative to valid student identification cards for voting purposes. ITL’d via Voice Vote 03/08 ITL
HB320 Relative to procedures for apportioning electoral districts. ITL’d via Roll Call (184-161) 03/08 OTP
HB372 Relative to construction of the terms “resident,” “inhabitant,” “residence,” and “residency.” OTP’d via Roll Call (188-163) 03/08 ITL
HB436 Exempting persons using virtual currency from registering as money transmitters. OTP’d with Amendment via Roll Call (185-170) 03/08 OTP
HB464 Relative to voter identification requirements when obtaining a ballot. ITL’d via Roll Call (298-51) 03/08 ITL
HB622 Allowing all voters to vote by absentee ballot. ITL’d via Roll Call (200-145) 03/08 OTP
HB348 Relative to registering to vote; authorizing the division of motor vehicles to receive voter registration forms with driver’s license applications. ITL’d via Roll Call (191-159) 03/08 OTP
HB642 Relative to eligibility to vote and relative to student identification cards. ITL’d via Voice Vote 03/08 ITL
HB402 Relative to presumptive evidence of domicile for voters. ITL’d via Voice Vote 03/08 ITL
HCR2 Supporting efforts to ensure that students from New Hampshire have access to debt-free higher education at public colleges and universities. ITL’d via Roll Call (202-149) 03/09 ITL
HB170 Relative to posting notice and minutes of public meetings on the public body’s website. OTP’d with Amendment via Division Vote (313-45) 03/09 OTP
HB384 Establishing a committee to study ballot access in New Hampshire. ITL’d via Roll Call (214-149) 03/09 OTP
HB447 Relative to allocating electoral college electors based on the national popular vote. ITL’d via Roll Call (234-132) 03/09 ITL
SB114 Prohibiting a candidate from receiving the nomination of more than one party. OTP’d via Voice Vote 03/09 OTP
SB194 Authorizing online voter registration. ITL’d via Roll Call (14-10) 03/09 OTP
(or retain)
HB303 Relative to filling vacancies in the office of county commissioner. OTP’d with Amendment via Voice Vote 03/09 OTP
HB394 Relative to public employees testifying before legislative committees; requiring public employees to have the permission of their superiors prior to testifying before a legislative committee. Tabled via Voice Vote 03/09 OTP
HB432 Relative to enforcement of parking prohibitions. OTP’d via Voice Vote 03/09 ITL

RTC = New Hampshire Libertas‘s Recommendation To Committee
ITL = Inexpedient to Legislate (kill)
OTP = Ought to Pass (pass)

In addition to these bills, the House also voted to decriminalize possession of less than 1 ounce of cannabis, and expand access to therapeutic cannabis. Video will soon be available for several of these hearings on the New Hampshire Libertas YouTube channel. You can find updates on committee recommendations, and actions by the House and Senate, on legislation we are tracking, here.

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In Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry
President, New Hampshire Libertas

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