2017 Session: Week 7


Week 7 of the NH Legislative Session is in the books, and New Hampshire Libertas was, once again, at the statehouse and Legislative Office Building (LOB) testifying for pro-freedom legislation and against anti-freedom legislation. Though most of the week was spent observing the Executive Sessions in which committee recommendations are made

On Tuesday (Feb 21), President Darryl W. Perry testified on:

CACR9 Relating to terms of office for state officers. Providing that terms shall be for 4 years.

HB642 Relative to eligibility to vote and relative to student identification cards.

HB394 Relative to public employees testifying before legislative committees; requiring public employees to have the permission of their superiors prior to testifying before a legislative committee.

support (written testimony)

On Wednesday (Feb 22), President Darryl W. Perry provided written testimony on:

HB432 Relative to enforcement of parking prohibitions.

oppose (written testimony)

There are no new videos for the New Hampshire Libertas YouTube channel this week; however we did acquire a new audio recorder (that I’ve not yet fully learned to operate) which will make it easier for us to at least obtain audio of testimony. We are also tracking the committee recommendations of bills on which we have provided testimony. You can find those updates here.

The final week of February will not have any hearings in the Senate, and will mostly only have Executive Sessions in the House. All bills in the House must have a committee recommendation by March 2 (unless the bill is being referred to a 2nd committee), and all bills must be acted upon by the full chamber (House or Senate) by March 30. This means there will likely not be any further testimony until the first full week of March, however New Hampshire Libertas will still be working with legislators in an attempt to advance liberty and stop tyranny.

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In Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry
President, New Hampshire Libertas

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