2017 Session: Week 2


Week 2 of the NH Legislative Session is in the books, and New Hampshire Libertas was at the statehouse and Legislative Office Building (LOB) testifying for pro-freedom legislation and against anti-freedom legislation.

On Tuesday (Jan 17), President Darryl W. Perry testified on:

HB83 prohibiting family members from serving on the same town, city, or school district board or committee. oppose
HB108 relative to municipal record retention and conversion. support
HB118 relative to appropriations in petitioned warrant articles. support
HB161 relative to beverage sales at farmers’ markets. oppose
HB140 relative to sales and samples provided by wine manufacturers. support

On Wednesday (Jan 18), Perry testified on:

SB19 relative to warrant articles that have been submitted to the department of revenue administration. support
HB309 relative to valid student identification cards for voting purposes. oppose as written
HB217 relative to placing names on the ballot. support
HB223 prohibiting recipients of county or municipal funds from using such funds for lobbying. support

Video is available for several of these hearings on the New Hampshire Libertas YouTube channel. And, of course, we are preparing for Week 3 with hearings on political advertising, method of calling for state party conventions, method of choosing delegates to national party convention, free speech on campus, beer taxes, and more.

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In Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry
President, New Hampshire Libertas

The mission of New Hampshire Libertas is to advocate for minimal government and maximum human freedom by weighing all legislation against the litmus of our principles and responding accordingly by testifying in legislative hearings, holding court with individual legislators, and crafting liberty-minded legislation.

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