2017 Session: Week 1


The first week of the NH Legislative Session is in the books, and New Hampshire Libertas was at the statehouse and Legislative Office Building (LOB) testifying for pro-freedom legislation and against anti-freedom legislation.

On Tuesday (Jan 10), President Darryl W. Perry testified on:

CACR1 Relating to the general court. Providing that the general court shall hold sessions biennially. support
HB110 Requiring members of the press corps covering the proceedings of the general court to wear a name tag. oppose
HCR2 Supporting efforts to ensure that students from New Hampshire have access to debt-free higher education at public colleges and universities. oppose
HB249 Relative to showing a ballot. support
HB218 Relative to activities at polling places. oppose
HB253 Relative to campaign materials at the polling place. support
CACR4 Relating to the attorney general. Providing that the attorney general shall be elected every 2 years. nominal support

Additionally, Perry crafted a proposed amendment for the sponsor of HB253 to combine the intent of HB253 with the clarification sought by HB218. This amendment will likely be considered by the Election Law Committee at the upcoming Executive Session.

On Wednesday (Jan 11), Perry testified on:

HB170 Relative to posting notice and minutes of public meetings on the public body’s website. support
HB178 Establishing a commission to study processes to resolve right-to-know complaints. support
HB153 Requiring a manslaughter charge for heroin and fentanyl dealers when the user dies. oppose

Perry also observed several other hearings, and had productive conversations with lawmakers on several topics.

Video is available for several of these hearings on the New Hampshire Libertas YouTube channel. And, of course, we are preparing for Week 2 with hearings on warrant articles (local ballot initiatives), tax-payer funding of lobbyists, assisting federal agents with warrantless searches, industrial hemp, and more.

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In Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry
President, New Hampshire Libertas

The mission of New Hampshire Libertas is to advocate for minimal government and maximum human freedom by weighing all legislation against the litmus of our principles and responding accordingly by testifying in legislative hearings, holding court with individual legislators, and crafting liberty-minded legislation.

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